NAFDAC Regulated Products and Licenses – Guidelines for Global Listing of Supermarket Items


GUIDELINES FOR GLOBAL LISTING OF SUPERMARKET ITEMS (FOOD AND COSMETICS) NAFDAC/RR/017/00 “Supermarket automatic doors open for me; therefore, I am.” –Craig Bruce– A. GENERAL These guidelines are for operators who must have an established supermarket. Items to be listed shall include food and cosmetics regulated by the Agency sold in supermarkets/stores and such other specialties as required by Hotels and International Organizations e.g. Embassies. Already registered products shall not be allowed for listing. Such items should be sourced from companies that registered them or a ‘letter of no objection’ shall…

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NAFDAC Regulated Products and Licenses – The Packaged Food Industry & Export of Food Commodities


THE PACKAGED FOOD INDUSTRY “If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter” –Stephen Denny– The earliest form of food packaging that ever existed was leaf wrapping, followed by paper, cloth, wood, and glass – not necessarily in that order. These wrappings, apart from glass, were of organic material and were thus biodegradable and often permeable to air, vapours and liquids, and hence unable to preserve food for long periods. Bread, cheese, salted food and other prepared foods have been sold for thousands of years. Canned food (tinned…

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