Make Money From Home – Blog Business in Nigeria with Free Niche & Topics


Recently the internet has seen a tremendous increase in the number of Bloggers especially those with the motive of making money out of it. This can be attributed to the increased awareness of people about blogging and the increased internet access these days. The current Nigerian economic recession and global economic crises has driven people to turn to other sources of income especially when it has to do with earning FOREX. Blogging is an act of giving information on the internet through a website blog, it could be video, text…

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How to Convert your Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares into Money in your Bank Account


Following the recent visit of the world’s 6th and youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria and the current economic recession, it is pertinent to write this article to show how easy it is to convert a social life into an economic gain. Almost everyone these days is on Facebook and we put up Pictures, Posts and Comments which attract likes, comments and shares from friends but very few people know that these likes, comments and shares we do for fun can actually be turned into money. This article focuses on…

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