Poultry Farm (Chicken Production)

Poultry birds farming Chicken production egg business in nigeria

From its dictionary meaning: Chicken translates to a farm fowl. Though Chicken has come to mean coward, dastard, or yellow belly when applied to a person. We all know that the Hen is ready to give its life for the survival of its chick, and Roosters would fight to the death. By giving honour to whomsoever honour is due, Let us give the illustrious Chicken its due, for it honourable service to humanity. Nigeria is a densely populated country having predominantly agricultural economy amongst the populace. Almost every part of…

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IDEAL BARBING BEAUTY SALOON barbing beauty salon business in nigeria

PROPOSED BUSINESS NAME: “IDEAL BARBING & BEAUTY SALOON”   INTRODUCTION Having conceived the business idea “IDEAL BARBING & BEAUTY SALOON” the next step is to scan through and assess both the external environment and internal factors that may pose a threat, opportunity, availability and experience objectivity, all in terms of the organizations need of the new venture to achieve her aim in the nearest future. IDEAL BARBING & BEAUTY SALOON will be a full-service beauty salon for gents and ladies dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent…

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Make Money From Home – Blog Business in Nigeria with Free Niche & Topics


Recently the internet has seen a tremendous increase in the number of Bloggers especially those with the motive of making money out of it. This can be attributed to the increased awareness of people about blogging and the increased internet access these days. The current Nigerian economic recession and global economic crises has driven people to turn to other sources of income especially when it has to do with earning FOREX. Blogging is an act of giving information on the internet through a website blog, it could be video, text…

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Charcoal Business in Nigeria – Another Source of Money


Charcoal is a very valuable fuel for household and industrial uses, it has been in use since man started cooking food. It is the product of an incomplete or partial combustion of carbon mainly from wood. Traditionally it is prepared by burning wood from some particular kinds of trees. The burning process is carried out in a controlled environment with little supply of air and for some calculated amount of time determined by the producer. Most of the wood used for this purpose are gotten from trees which of the…

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How to Convert your Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares into Money in your Bank Account


Following the recent visit of the world’s 6th and youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria and the current economic recession, it is pertinent to write this article to show how easy it is to convert a social life into an economic gain. Almost everyone these days is on Facebook and we put up Pictures, Posts and Comments which attract likes, comments and shares from friends but very few people know that these likes, comments and shares we do for fun can actually be turned into money. This article focuses on…

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Buying and Selling Agricultural Produce in Nigeria


With the current drive by the Federal Government to diversify the economy and shift its major source of revenue away from oil, there has been a rapidly increasing interest by the government in Agriculture, this has led to the creation of several incentives to boost investment in agriculture at all levels. This is eminent if one visits farms across the country especially in the Northern parts, records so far can show that there will be a boom in agricultural production this year as a lot of people got involved in…

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Basic Accounting – Return on Investment


RETURN ON INVESTMENT Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. –Ecclesiastes 11:1 (KJV)– Obviously, for it to be worthwhile, the returning bread should be more abundant than the bread originally cast upon the waters. Investment can be described as the commitment of resources (funds) to a venture in the expectation future benefits (returns). Investment is thus every asset that an investor owns or controls (directly or indirectly) that has such characteristics. Investment also entails the assumption of risk. While in the spiritual sense,…

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Basic Accounting – The Income Statement


THE INCOME STATEMENT Financial accounting focuses on providing information about an organization and provides decision makers with an overview of the underlying financial transactions of the company being assessed. Accounting provides a good measure of transparency and accountability: the ability to see straight through the words and numbers and gain a clearer vision of the company and its operations. NOTE: For a better and complete view of this document in your browser,  please view on pdf Financial statements are prepared to ascertain the profit or loss status of a business,…

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Basic Accounting – General Concepts & the Balance Sheet


GENERAL CONCEPTS & THE BALANCE SHEET Accounting is the language of business, and is concerned with the collecting, analyzing and communicating financial information. This information is useful for those who need to make decisions and plans about businesses, and those who need to regulate those businesses. Such include, managers, owners, investors, governmental agencies, and others inside and outside the organization to which the financial information refers. NOTE: For a better and complete view of this document in your browser,  please view it on pdf Accounting provides answers and insights to…

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NAFDAC Regulated Products and Licenses – Guidelines for Global Listing of Supermarket Items


GUIDELINES FOR GLOBAL LISTING OF SUPERMARKET ITEMS (FOOD AND COSMETICS) NAFDAC/RR/017/00 “Supermarket automatic doors open for me; therefore, I am.” –Craig Bruce– A. GENERAL These guidelines are for operators who must have an established supermarket. Items to be listed shall include food and cosmetics regulated by the Agency sold in supermarkets/stores and such other specialties as required by Hotels and International Organizations e.g. Embassies. Already registered products shall not be allowed for listing. Such items should be sourced from companies that registered them or a ‘letter of no objection’ shall…

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