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Nigeriaheartbeat is interested in seeing that Nigerian Youths are gainfully engaged in meaningful jobs basically  through entrepreneurship or  other ways. We feature articles that are directed towards achieving this goal. This article features links which help prepare our subscribers for the FIRS aptitude test, DPR exam and other test that they may be preparing for. Follow the links to get all the necessary materials of your interest.

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Computer Literacy and Conservancy

Recommended for your reading:

Link 1

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  • for all current affairs in Nigeria.

[FIRS] Materials 07 (Nigerian Current Affairs)

  • For Strong Analytical skills

[FIRS] Past Aptitude Test 02 Numeric

[FIRS] Past Aptitude Test 01 Verbal

[FIRS] QTests

  • For Knowledge of the Nigerian Tax Laws and appreciation of their application and understanding of the regulatory framework within which the FIRS operates

[FIRS] Materials 01                                                               

[FIRS] Materials 02

[FIRS] Materials 03

[FIRS] Materials 04

  • For Ability to work as a regulator with the courage to ensure full compliance with laws

[FIRS] Materials 05 (FGN Financial Regulations)

  • for Minimum six (6) years relevant experience in a Government, international organization or private firm in a similar role.

[FIRS] Materials 06 (Public Service Rules)

The Succeeding at Interviews Pocketbook

Top Interview Questions

FIRS Practice Verbal Questions


FOR DPR PREPARATIONS see links below

[DPR] Past Questions 01

[DPR] Past Questions 02

[DPR] Materials 01 (Summary of the Nigerian Oil Industry)

DPR Practice 2016 – 01

DPR Practice 2016 – 02

DPR Practice 2016 – 03

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