If it is your desire to start a computer retail venture, you can sell desktop computers, laptops and peripherals in a computer retail business. This involves dealing with existing systems via sales and service (or to start and concentrate on the training aspects of the business). Since you harbour the idea of starting a computer retail/reseller business then you should have some familiarity with computers and related systems, then you just have a couple of ways to go before starting this business. Beyond keeping up with changing technology and retaining your expertise, however, starting a computer retail/reseller business requires many of the same skills required of any other small business field, things like:

  • A clear business plan,
  • A smart marketing strategy, and
  • Outstanding customer service.

Before diving in to start this venture, you should realize that it is a very mature market. To survive and turn a profit, you must be well educated on the shifting business climate, leverage some additional skills and forge the right professional alliances. To Honestly assess your readiness to start a computer retail/reseller business you need to ask yourself the following:

  • Have you ever assembled or repaired a computer?
  • Are you familiar with all major operating systems?
  • Have you worked in the computer field before?

The particulars of your training/experience and your willingness to learn more, are vital in determining the type of computer business best suited to your talents – (Retail/Reseller and/or Training?).

Computer retail/reseller business as with any small business, you need to carefully consider the demographics, the needs of your target clients and the particular products and services they may need or require.


1.       Training/Expertise

  • Gain the necessary experience, through education, training, apprenticeship, or employment.
  • Remember, you need to keep up with the latest technology; many of your potential customers do not (and will not).
  • Read and learn about the products you’re going to be selling

2.       Business Plan

Write a simple business plan to aid you in the setup of your business for “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

3.       Finance

In addition to your built up savings, you will need to source for additional funds to start your computer retail business. This source of fund could be from relatives, friends and local investors as silent partners.   Start small and expand.

4.       Registration/Permit

Create your company name and register your company/business name with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). Obtain the necessary business permit or license from the state and local government.

5.       Location/Store:

Choose a good location with the highest customer footfalls. Stay within your business plan and do not be too worried about high rentals as they usually pay off with good potential customer/ buyer footfalls/walk ins.

6.       Retail Outlet Design

  • Get a good architect/contractor to build a good modern retail outlet.
  • Design a good Logo’s and elements that you would need to get started.

7.       Staff

If you wish to start on a large scale and you have the financial capability, once your storefront is ready start hiring sales staff who have the right attitude and experience for your kind of retailing. These staff should include a salesman who is an expert at technical knowledge and a technician who can assemble and repair hardware.

8.       Marketing Your Computer Retail Business

Do a rigorous marketing of your shop

Promote, market and advertise through various media like:

  • Door to door campaign,
  • Handbills and flyers,
  • Audio Visuals e.g. Radio Television,
  • Internet through your own website, web-adds, social media etc.

The greatest and best advert is through good service to customers for referrals.

Tips for Success:

1.       Market Analysis/Demographics

With continuous advancement in computer technology, demand for traditional computer sales, service, and/or support to be much reduced, especially among a younger. However, in areas with older populations and in small-towns and rural areas, you will find a greater percentage of people in need of computer repairs and support.

2.       Business Options

Opportunities abound to establish a business based on sales of computers, parts, or accessories; editing and design services; troubleshooting and/or training; and repairs or refurbishments. The key is flexibility and an ability to change along with the technology

4.       Niche/Reputable distributor.

  • Find a niche market for yourself so as to develop a very loyal customer base. There are people (like developers, gamers, editors, and other professionals) willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a customized system with their exact specifications.
  • Contact distributors of leading brands and associate with them for the products, why waste your time buying component parts, assembling and testing machines, loading operating systems and then delivering them to customers if it is cost effective to resell.

5.       Customer Relationship.

“Your goal is to find out how to make our customer’s life better with your business, ensure your workers are knowledgeable and committed to the goal of the “customer first”.

Remember: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance is the ultimate Key to success.

And Good Luck!

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