Buying Fake, Expired or Original Products in Nigerian Shops, Malls or Superstores

Fake vs Orinal Heinz Salad Cream Nigeria

These pictures draw our attentions to the need to be careful when buying consumables from shops, superstores or supermarket. A survey by nigeriaheartbeat to a local corner shop reveled the images you see in this post. The popular HEINZ salad cream in the first picture shows that the expiration date, though indicated as still within range for consumption had some anomalies in its appearance. It didn’t appear to be properly printed so we decided to try n clean it off by rubbing it with the thumb, surprisingly it started to clean off, the cream inside also appeared darker than the normal color and it tasted a little bit different. This made us visit a bigger mall where we found out that the same test carried out on the initial product revealed different results with that obtained from the bigger mall.

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