Business Quotes –

  1. Get ideas, you will always find who to sell them to.
  2. Everyone should ‘know’ at least one successful businessman/entrepreneur.
  3. It’s more profiting to ask a friend for a business idea than to ask for money.
  4. All you need to take your business to the next level is just ONE STEP in the right direction.
  5. In Nigeria, if you are going into farming for economic gains, make sure it is the only primary source of your income.
  6. You need to start thinking small while anticipating big.
  7. Everybody is a good dreamer, the difference comes when painting your dream in a recount experience.
  8. Take time!!! It’s hard to reconfigure a configured brain.
  9. In as much as it is BEST to be Jack of a trade and master of it, it’s BETTER to be Jack of all trades and master of some, it is also GOOD to be Jack of all trades and master of none but it’s BAD to be Jack of no trade and master of none. So next time before you call someone Jack of all trades, know which one you belong to.
  10. It’s just a flip between the head and tail of a coin.
  11. When knowledge is traded for education, disaster is inevitable.
  12. Focus on today for tomorrow is but a riddle.
  13. I know the only currency that can purchase respect. It’s called respect.
  14. Knowledge cannot be lost by reinventing the wheel
  15. Listen less, don’t talk, read more.
  16. It is not about how many times opportunity comes, it is about your ability to take advantage of opportunity where it exist or to create one where it does not.
  17. The relationship between work and walk is that work without walk is equal to zero.
  18. When the photographer becomes more spectacular, he steals the moment and becomes the photographed.
  19. Change your form if you want to be ahead of your pairs. Ice floats on water and can never be under water, same as steam which even ‘fly’s’ higher than water and ice, they are all forms of the same thing ( ).
  20. If you want to stand tall you must go deep down. The deeper down you go, the taller and stronger you can be.
  21. No one ever truly made it to the top by being at the top.
  22. They say it takes a thief to catch a thief… it then follows that it takes the wise to know the wise. But this is not totally true as even the foolish know that the wise is wise, can we then say that the foolish who know the wise are the foolish who have wisdom?
  23. I see money as energy, money can neither be created nor destroyed but moved from one hand to another.
  24. You can hardly be wrong by being simple
  25. The future is your best friend, Facebook is the future.
  26. Guide your information jealously, the most valuable thing a person can steal from you is INFORMATION. Welcome to the information age!!!
  27. Aha!!! Remember what they say about money? Yea, money makes the world go round. Right? That’s because money itself goes around, changing hands.
  28. Looking at the sound and its repetitive nature, we see that everything in life is just a repeated pattern in high and low levels (pitch).
  29. Respect yourself, by doing so, you respect others.
  30. Always ask yourself why this wise man is talking ‘foolishly’.
  31. Always think twice when you hear a wise man saying ‘foolish’ things.
  32. There is no free education, a price has to be paid.
  33. The fact that you don’t know who paid for it doesn’t make it free. Be careful, what you call free.
  34. If you travel from Lagos to Abuja on foot, you would not have gotten to Abuja if you don’t take that final step, you can be said of as being in a place either very close to Abuja or very far from Lagos but not in Abuja your destination.
  35. Don’t bark because you can bark but bark because you need to bark.
  36. Time reveals everything even the darkest nights.
  37. Day and night have been in existence but to a child who is just born, day and night just started to exist.

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