The Vulcanizing Business

The Vulcanizing Business Nigeria

The vulcanizer (or vorka) is so imbedded in the auto mentality in Nigeria, that some people go their whole lives never having to change a spare tyre or perform any tyre related repair work on their vehicles. You can earn as much as =N=2,500 daily just pumping tyres not to talk of patching them.

A vulcanizer is a person who does any maintenance or repair work on any type of tyre whether that of a bicycle, motorcycle or car tyres.

Their services include: –

  • Checking tire pressure,
  • Inflating low or flat tyres,
  • Sealing up punctured tyres,
  • Replacing tyre tubes,
  • Repairing or changing rim
  • Replacing tyres with spares,
  • Selling used tyres, etc.

The vulcanizing business is a lucrative and good business venture because of the millions of vehicles on Nigerian roads. Most vehicles are either used or second hand vehicle imported into the country. Bad roads, substandard tyres and poor maintenance culture are also factors that contribute to the lucrative nature of the vulcanizer business.

For any car or car tyres to be road-worthy and safe to drive, a visit to the vulcanizer shade is a must. The average motorist (I go drive myself and women especially) would rather patronize a vulcanizer than change the tyres themselves.

How to Setup a Vulcanizing Business

Training and Certification:

The best way to become a vulcanizer is through apprentice arrangement. This could last up to a year and after graduation (or freedom), the graduate vulcanizer is presented with his tools. Another way is to pay to learn for a specified period of between one to three months or through trade institutions, vocational school or practical workshops.

The basic equipment include the following:

  • Pumping machine,
  • Tyre patches,
  • Iron bar,
  • Adhesive material,
  • Spanners,
  • Sealants,
  • Tubes pliers,
  • Blades,
  • Glue,
  • Carjack, etc.

Cost and Financial Commitment

The amount needed to start this business is among the lowest in business startups. All you need is between =N=75,000 to =N=100,000 to get the machine used in pumping tyres and a set of tools. There are various brands of the major equipment in the market, which comes with different prices. You could start with a fairly used one which would cost about =N=40,000.

Location [Choose a location where you will be patronized on a regular basis!]

This is one area any go-getting or determined vulcanizer had to pay very close and special attention; a good choice will impact your overall income positively. Go for a spot on major roads, or close to highways. Aside deflated tyres, some vehicle owners pump their tyres on regular basis for better handling and balance of their cars when driving. 

Association and Levies (or Tax)

It is obligatory to join the local vulcanizing association in your area of operation to avoid harassment and obstructions. You will need to pay the membership association fees including local government taxes and levies.
The vulcanizing business is easy to establish. You need low startup capital, basic knowledge of the trade, equipment and a good location.


Good Luck

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