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Recently the internet has seen a tremendous increase in the number of Bloggers especially those with the motive of making money out of it. This can be attributed to the increased awareness of people about blogging and the increased internet access these days. The current Nigerian economic recession and global economic crises has driven people to turn to other sources of income especially when it has to do with earning FOREX. Blogging is an act of giving information on the internet through a website blog, it could be video, text or music targeted at a particular niche for the purpose of discussion, advertisement and general information. Read more on blogging. Many big websites like Google and WordPress provide blogging platforms, Facebook provides something similar in form of Facebook page. A blog can serve as a website either for writing on an individual’s personal life or business or for a company’s business activities. It can be done as a hobby or for fun, some people do it for pleasure and as a leisure activity or way of passing vital information on particular topics and to particular people either subscribed to their blogs or the general internet community. In all, all Google blogs that meet Google’s policies can be commercialized by registering the blog for the Google AdSense program. By so doing the blog owner can start making money every time someone visits the blog and clicks on some ads.

There are so many articles which have been written on Blogging but very few have really focused on providing key information on guiding proposed bloggers to selecting profiting niches, topics, field or areas to blog in. This article looks in this direction, to provide and suggest niches, topics, field or areas for startup bloggers in Nigeria. This article features 54 untapped blog niches, topics, field or areas a startup blogger can choose from. On this page, you are also going to learn how to come up with niches so you can always create new ones anytime the need arises.

These niches and topics were formulated based on an extensive research over a period of 2 years and Search terms from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  1. ICT
  2. Economy
  3. Novels
  4. Real time traffic info
  5. Transportation
  6. Schools
    • All you need to know in ABU Zaria
    • Admission Status
    • Result Status
    • How to survive in FUTMinna
    • Bad groups and how to identify them
    • All current situation in Uniport
    • Latest Dress Codes
    • All fellowships in Unilag
  7. Basic Programming
  8. Music
  • Gospel: Break down chords for songs that were performed in COZA last Sunday
  • Free Beats and Instrumentals
  • All Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo Music Lyrics
  1. Natural Photography
  • Inside Jos, Pictures that reveal inside Plateau state
  • Unseen Nigerian sites [Pictures & History]
  1. Market price of various farm produce in Kano
  2. Life in Maiduguri, when to go out, where to eat, what to where and how to move around safely
  3. Hausa Music Lyrics
  4. Making Local Nigerian Musical Instruments
  5. Designing locally made shoes
  6. Bags
  7. Cloths
  8. Current situation of Nigerians Roads
  • Traffic
  • Condition
  • Safety (from armed robbers)
  • Safety (port holes)
  • Weather
  1. All current happenings in Computer Village Lagos
  2. Information on Kano in Hausa
  3. Stories in Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo
  4. All solution to Fashion Design
  5. Watermelon Business – buying and selling, buyers and sellers contacts
  6. All about Wuse Market Abuja
  7. All info and happenings in and around University of Abuja
  8. Quick basketball moves
  9. Lovers Business, tell us your story, receive free professional advice and speak to a professional…
  10. All Nigerian Gospel Vibes
  11. Eat with me: A blog for people interested in dieting. The blogger fixes proposed times and menu of food he/she will be eating at particular times of the day. Followers can visit blog to see pictures of the food uploaded by the blogger and possibly how to prepare them, then make comments and upload pictures of theirs too. Just a way to diet.
  12. Dress combination: Tell us where you are going to and when, we tell u how to combine the available cloths you have or what you need to buy.
  13. Fake and original: A blog which shows followers how to identify fake and original products in the market. You can chose and area – electronics, phones, female bags, jewelries etc.
  14. Agriculture: Tell us your agricultural challenge and we will provide free solutions for you.
  15. Modelling: The blog features all my personal pictures in different designers and spectacular locations in Nigeria or the world.
  16. A blog to feature your skills like unique art works.
  17. A blog to fix mechanical problems in cars which found your own way of doing
  18. A blog to feature local recipes and dishes.

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