How to Convert your Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares into Money in your Bank Account


Following the recent visit of the world’s 6th and youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria and the current economic recession, it is pertinent to write this article to show how easy it is to convert a social life into an economic gain. Almost everyone these days is on Facebook and we put up Pictures, Posts and Comments which attract likes, comments and shares from friends but very few people know that these likes, comments and shares we do for fun can actually be turned into money. This article focuses on explaining how this is possible. From my interactions with friends, I found out that only few have genuinely picked interest in how Mark turned Facebook ‘a network that is free to join’ into  money. Some months back, before Mark’s visit, I put up a post on my wall that reads “The future is your best friend, Facebook is the future”, to my surprise there were no comments from friends on this post even though I was expecting comments like – “why do you think so?”

Interesting statistics reveal that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook business has grown steadily over the past 10 years, this is not so with the business of Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote whose business has seen many fluctuations especially in recent times with the increasing decline in the value of the Naira. This leads to the conclusion that Marks Facebook business is a more stable and lucrative one compared to Dangote’s. It also means that it is wiser when planning on venturing into entrepreneurship to incline one’s business ideas with that of Mark rather than that of Dangote. The table below briefly compares the two billionaires according to

Mark Zuckerberg Aliko Dangote
1 Main Business: Facebook (Just one) Dangote Group – Cement, Flour, Sugar, Tomatoes etc (So many)
2 Net Worth: $55.5 Billion $12.4 Billion
3 In the World World’s 6th Richest World’s  51st Richest
4 Age: 32 59
5 Category of Business: Internet Entrepreneur Conglomerate: Construction, Food, Oil & Gas,
6 Staff Strength: Less than Dangote Group Much higher than Facebook
7 Business stability over the past 10 years: Very Stable Fluctuating
8 Effect of Government Policies on Business: Lowly Affected Highly Affected
9 Basic Requirement to Run Business: IT equipment, servers & Computers Factories, Farms, Heavy Machinery
10 No of Staff specialization fields: Computer Programmers, Health and Safety (<10 fields) All fields

see picture below


With these statistics, one can see that it is easier to be a Mark than a Dangote. This means one should incline his business ideas towards that of Mark to be able to have a more successful business in the near future.

Some Important Questions to Ask are…

  1. Is Facebook really free despite the fact that it claims to be free?
  2. If it is free, then how do Mark and some other users make money from Facebook?

What is Facebook Like, Comment or Share?

These are buttons on the Facebook platform which enables a user express his/her reaction to a post by clicking or typing. It is shown in the image below.

Getting Likes, Comments or Shares on Facebook

Before you can start using Facebook, you

  1. must register @ and get a user name and password
  2. add friends who are also on Facebook
  3. become an active Facebook user by visiting your page frequently and making posts of your pictures, comments and sharing, liking or commenting on other peoples posts and comments

In order to get likes, you have to be very active on your page and other people’s pages. Active means posting interesting things and pictures that can catch people’s attention and possibly go viral on social media.

Converting Likes, Comments or Shares into Money

There are many ways you can do this as there are no limitations. The following steps below will teach you how to convert the Likes you get on Facebook into Internet traffic on your personal blog or website and how you can increase your chances of being paid by Google. It also shows how your Facebook Likes, Comments or Shares can improve your personal business by increasing its publicity and the number of customers you get.

Using Facebook Likes, Comments or Shares to Increase Traffic on your Blog or Website

You would be surprised to know how ordinary LIKES by friends’ clicks on your pictures and posts can be directed to your blogs where Google uses it to rate your monthly payment. The way it works is simple and given below.

  1. Get interesting niche, topic(s), field(s) or area(s) you want on your blog or website to be about. Areas like Fashion, Traffic in Abuja, all happenings in FUT Minna, Nigerian Roads, etc., any topic you have interest in, can get unique information on and can write articles on.
  2. Write some articles on your chosen Field.
  3. Open a blog by visiting and filling the necessary details, make sure you chose an interesting name for the blog or website.
  4. Open a Facebook page for your blog or website using the same name of your blog or website
  5. Invite your friends to like your page and then from there they can visit your blog or website.
  6. Increase the Traffic (visits) to your blog by putting up good and original articles on your blog and redirecting your Facebook friends to read them by sharing your blog or website posts on your Facebook blog page and your personal page.
  7. Apply to Google to be a part of the AdSense program, if your blog or website is approved, Google starts to send you ads to place on your blog and you start to receive your money depending on the amount of clicks on the ads on your blog, this in turn depends on the amount of visitors you get on your blog or website.

Using Facebook Likes to Inform People of your New Business and Increasing the Number of Customers you get.

I will explain with this example.

Most of us are on social media especially Facebook, let’s assume you were passing by one day and you took a spectacular picture which has never been seen by any other person, let’s say a lion saving a goat from a tiger, this is definitely fascinating. You upload this picture on your page and eventually it goes viral and gets 4k shares, 3k comments and 2.5k likes. This can be turned into money using Facebook. How?

Assuming you have a business, say a boutique or you just opened one at that period, say the boutique’s address is Shop 50 Emab Plaza Abuja, and you need to let people know there is a new boutique or business services available at that location. All you need to do is go to the original Post that went viral and clicking on Edit, then Type “New boutique @ Shop 50 Emab Plaza Abuja…Call John on 080xxxx”. Because it is your post, you control it and the fact that it has gone viral allows everyone who has shared, liked commented or is a friend of someone who has shared liked or commented on it to get the notification from editing the post. Therefore the information that there is a new Boutique or business and its Address is Shop 50 Emab Plaza Abuja. Because the post has reached a very large number of people, there are higher chances that many people who need your services will get the information, this will generally increase the traffic to your business outlet.


No matter how small you start, if you are diligent and wise in handling your business, it will definitely grow into a bigger enterprise someday. These days in Nigeria, sourcing for initial capital is one of the most tasking step in going into entrepreneurship. This being the case, the internet business is one aspect the jobless Nigerian Youth can turn their focus to because it is less capital intensive and easy to do. I recommend reading more books and articles on blogging. The Nigerian blogger Linder Ikeji and many more others are a testament to the level of success that can be achieved from this business.

Basic Requirements for Starting an Internet Blogging Business

  1. Laptop or Tablet
  2. Network with connection to internet data services (Internet modem or your phone)
  3. Interesting Articles

Every other thing is free including opening the blog on Google, you also don’t need any academic qualification, certificates, application, interview or submission of CV.

Suggested Interesting Blogging Topics, Fields or Areas

Recently I searched for the lyrics of a Hausa music by Dan Maraya Jos a famous Nigerian musician and surprisingly it was nowhere to be found on the internet. A blog in this direction won’t take long before it starts generating money.

You can pick any of our suggested areas below. We have provided them for you free.

  1. All Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo Music Lyrics
  2. All happenings in Computer Village Lagos
  3. Information on Kano in Hausa
  4. Stories in Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo
  5. All solution to Fashion Design
  6. Watermelon Business
  7. Wuse Market Abuja
  8. All info and happenings in Abuja University
  9. Quick basketball moves
  10. Lovers Business
  11. Gospel Vibes

As little as they look, these are some of the topics that are not well developed on the internet. Google is located in the US, there is no way they can know just what is happening in your area – Nigeria except someone writes and puts it on the internet. Google is supposed to be all knowing, so when someone comes to them to search for something, they search the internet for websites that have articles relating to the search terms. If it turns out that it is only your blog that has the content, Google suggests your blog to the person searching. Over time Google knows your site is valuable to them so when you apply to be part of the Google AdSense program, you get approval and start making money from your blog or website.


Value your Facebook friends and their opinion. Don’t say because a friend criticized your post or picture then you have to delete or block the person. Remember what you basically need is to keep your page active by keeping your friends active on your wall. That critic’s comment may prompt another comment or reaction from another Friend and which further prompts more comments and discussion thereby keeping your thread/wall/page active.

Always make periodic and interesting updates to keep your page alive and active. Share interesting topics from other sources too.


Be very careful anywhere you find yourself on the internet. “The weakest link in security is the human factor” – Kevin Mitnick. Be careful not to give out personal information to anyone on the internet, most times these are what hackers use you to get into your systems and accounts. Hackers are not some kind of gods who are all knowing, what they know very well is Social Engineering –  manipulating you into opening the door for them to get in and take over your accounts. Avoid clicking on links you are not sure of or that look too attracting, they are just deceptions like the Trojan horse of Troy. An example of the kinds of links and posts to avoid is, “see how principal was caught pants down with WAEC student, click the link to see video & photos” if you do, the next thing you start to see are unwanted post by unknown persons/programs on your page. Next you start apologizing to friends saying “please my account was hacked” when in the first place you jeopardized your security by yourself. By then you would have gotten a lot of Blocks and Unlikes which are your most precious assets as far as Internet business is concerned.

Take a look at this post munched Facebook post


Looking at the post in the picture, one may think that the ‘intent’ of this post is about ‘Jesus’ and pharaoh, No, it’s about luring you into compromising your identity and manipulating you into contributing to the malicious intent of a Social Engineer behind the smoke screen. The easiest way into your house is when you open the door yourself.
They will do anything to gain access into your account.

Ways to get Likes Shares and Comments

There are ethical ways to go about this but this days many Facebook users have decided to turn to unethical ways of doing this.  The reasons why people put up Facebook posts about Jesus, Satan and other religious or touching stories are just to work on your emotions and lure you into making comments on their posts.

Ever wondered why you see Facebook posts like those in the pictures below?


The answer is found in the Facebook munched post below

“I guess I’m the biggest satan lover fb hater ever.. cause I scroll my happy ass past all those if you love God like for Jesus share for satan scroll if ur a hater ignore ass posts…” – Tiger Scott


They are mostly bloggers behind this kinds of posts and they do it just to get you to either comment, share or like their posts so that anytime they edit the posts they can get you to see the edits and updates. This is deceptive and unethical but still used to drive traffic to their sites using. There are genuine, ethical and non-deceptive ways of doing this which has earlier been explained in this article.

Samuel K. B.

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