Going into the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Business

Going into the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Business

In homes, offices, restaurants or schools, we know just how important it is to keep the air conditioner(s), refrigerator(s) and freezer(s) in good working condition.

In the food service industry, the freezer is essential to the continued success of the business. Proper care and maintenance of their freezers will spare business owners the inconvenience of costly breakdowns and ruined products and food.

Air conditioning is a combined process that performs many functions simultaneously. It conditions the air, transports it, and introduces it to the conditioned space. Air conditioning also controls and maintains the temperature, humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, sound level, and pressure differential in a space within predetermined limits for the comfort and health of the occupants of the conditioned space or for the purpose of product processing.

Air conditioning, or more specifically, heating, ventilating, air ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration processes were first systematically developed in early 1900s.

Most air conditioning systems perform the following functions:

  • Provide the cooling and heating energy required;
  • Condition the supply air, that is, heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify, clean and purify, and attenuate any objectionable noise produced by the air-conditioning equipment;
  • Distribute the conditioned air, containing sufficient outdoor air, to the conditioned space;
  • Control and maintain the indoor environmental parameters–such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness, air movement, sound level, and pressure differential between the conditioned space and surroundings within predetermined limits.

Air conditioning systems can be classified according to their applications as

  • Comfort air conditioning systems: –

Comfort air conditioning systems provide occupants with a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in which to carry out their activities.

  • Process air conditioning systems: –

Process air conditioning systems provide needed indoor environmental control for manufacturing, research and development processes or product storage.

Refrigeration and air conditioning is a necessity in climes with hot climatic condition. Most companies, institutions and well to do people simply cannot go without a working air conditioning system or equipment, while almost everyone in towns or cities posses a refrigerator. These equipment or appliances are expensive to replace, so most homeowners always try to fix them before going for a new unit; this can and should provides a good customer base for anyone going in the air-conditioning or refrigeration (installation, maintenance or repair) business.

How to setup a Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Business

Air conditioning businesses take several forms, which will impact your startup. Some people setup businesses that sell and install new units, while others specialize in service and repairs. Basic knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning is required; you will incur basic startup costs, regardless of the type of business you plan to start.

Knowledge and Qualification

Acquire some knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning if you intend to employ an engineer to work for you. On the other hand you become a student-apprentice with recognized refrigeration (and air conditioning) maintenance and repair unit or outfit for a specified period of time.


A refrigeration and air conditioning business requires an up front outlay of cash to set it up and maintaining it. You need capital to finance the following:

  • Registration
  • Tools and equipment
  • Shop/Office
  • Initial advert etc


Coming up with a name for a new business is one of the first steps when starting your business. Identify the legal structure you want for your business and register your company or business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Obtain the necessary operating local permit(s) from the state or local government. Obtain your tax identification number to enable you pay business taxes against your income.

Tools and Equipment

You will need to purchase some basic tools and equipment to start, including basics such as hammers, wrenches, drills, pipe cutters and benders, acetylene torches and gauges to measure pressure and fluid levels. You will also need more specialized equipment such as voltmeters, thermometers and manometers. Also a stock of basic items that you will require to repair the units you service, such as different types of coolant, belts and specialized piping.

Marketing and Advertisement

Design a presentation package that outlines your

  • Abilities and Special skills
  • With low rates on routine maintenance and discounts on larger repairs.
  • Guarantees to be enjoyed by the customer
  • Working hours and ease of doing business with your company

Circulate the package to potential clients:

  • Neighbours, individuals and friends
  • Restaurants and other related businesses
  • Residential and commercial property management
  • Residential and commercial building owners.
  • You could also become a subcontractor other outfits.


Advertise your refrigeration business in the print media, social media, radio etc. If you guarantee prompt service any time of the day or night, state this prominently in your advertisement package. Get to know the business owners in your area and let them know you are available to service their refrigeration equipment.

Good Luck!

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