Going into the Gas Stove (Cooker) & Accessories Retail Business

Going into the Gas Stove (Cooker) & Accessories Retail Business

To be successful, you need to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. – Thomas Watson, Sr.

Most modern homes in Nigeria towns/cities use Cooking Stove also known as Gas Cooker to heat and cook food. Utilizing either the camp stove, table-top stove or standing gas stove with oven for this purpose. For any discerning entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to venture into the profitable Gas Cooker and Accessories Retail Business.

A gas stove is a stove that is fueled by combustible gas such as syngas, natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas. Before the advent of gas, cooking stoves relied on solid fuels such as coal or wood. The first gas stoves were developed in the 1820s. This new cooking technology had the advantage of being easily adjustable and could be turned off when not in use.

Gas stoves became more wildly used when the oven was integrated into the base and the size was reduced to better fit in with the rest of the kitchen furniture. By the 1910s, producers started to enamel their gas stoves for easier cleaning. Ignition of the gas was originally by match and this was followed by the more convenient pilot light. This had the disadvantage of continually consuming gas. The oven still needed to be lit by match and accidentally turning on the gas without igniting it could lead to an explosion. To prevent these types of accidents, oven manufacturers developed and installed a safety valve called a flame failure device for gas hobs (cooktops) and ovens. Most modern gas stoves have electronic ignition, automatic timers for the oven and extractor hoods to remove fumes.

Gas stoves allow the user to control the heat after turning on a burner or the oven. You can turn the flame up as required either high or low and stops cooking when the heat is turned off. Some newer gas ranges also have burners designed to hold a low heat that will simmer food.

Modern Gas stoves generally have the following part:

1.       Burners – Gas stoves generally have four burners on the stove top and one in the oven. Some gas stove (table top) have just two burners without an oven, while camp gas stove has one burner fixed on the gas cylinder

2.       Pilot light – The pilot light is a continuously burning flame that ignites the gas the moment a control is turned on.

3.       Valves – A hand-operated valve controls each burner.

4.       Thermostat – Used to regulate the oven

5.       Control panel – may include a clock, interior oven light switch, an automatic oven timer and a self-cleaning switch.

Starting a Gas Stoves or Cookers and Accessories Business

1.       Training and Knowledge

In business, three things are necessary: knowledge, temper, and time. – Owen Fellt

Knowledge is one of the vital to success in any business. You need to learn about the gas cooker and accessories business before you think of going into it. Take some time to learn and understand the intricacies of this business if you wish to succeed. Some things you may need to be familiar with are:

  • Customer relationship
  • Common repairs/services of Gas cooker and accessories
  • How to handle your gas cookers and its accessories
  • Where and How to buy goods to stock up for business
  • The factors that will affect the success of the business
  • Challenges gas stove or cookers and accessories retailers face

You can also learn from people who already have lots of experience in this business.

Business plan

No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution. –  Niccolo Machiavelli

A business plan will reveal many important details about your dream business. A business plan will give you some idea into

  • feasibility of the business in your locale,
  • required start-up capital,
  • costs of running the business,
  • market and competition,
  • other very important factors.

This is important for understanding the implications of going into the gas stoves (or cookers) and accessories retail business.


Every great business is built on friendship – J.C. Penney

Approximately (i.e. to get a space and buy some tools and stocking up) N400,000 should be enough to start off your business.  Start small and grow the business of your dream. Run a lean business and avoid financial excesses to minimize the amount of money you are borrowing.


Register a business name, get appropriate permits from local and state authorities to avoid harassment.

 Ideal Location

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop. – Chinese Proverb

You need to find an ideal location for your gas stoves (or cookers) and accessories business. When choosing a location, you may have to take into consideration your market. It is important that you locate your business close to where there are many potential customers.

It could be a good idea to site your gas stove or cookers and accessories business in an area dominated by medium-income people or high institutions. This is because, a lot of people, students inclusive, enjoy cooking with gas more due to its nature which makes it odorless, smoke-free and quick, while remaining cheaper relative to other energy sources.

Needed Facilities

The secret to success in business, and in life, is to serve others. Put others first in all you do. – Kevin Stirtz

Get a carpenter to construct and install shelves in your store, a table and some chairs for customer to relax and wait when it involves repair or replacing of their gas stoves or cooker parts and accessories.

Tools and materials: needed for repair/service:

Ø  Spanners, Screw drivers, pincers, ranger, paint and paint-brush, screws and brackets, fittings and plugs, microswitches, injectors, etc.



Start Operating and Market your business

Drive your business. Let not your business drive you. – Benjamin Franklin

After setting up your store, the next thing you need to do for a start is to launch and advertise your gas stoves (or cookers) and accessories business. To attract customers, adopt some aggressive marketing strategies and offer attractive discounts. You will attract many customers in due time.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

  • Site your gas stove and accessories retail business in an area close to places where the people use cooking gas.
  • You can also venture in sales of second hand gas cylinders and cookers.

Good Luck!

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