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Auto Body Painting Business Nigeria car

You can be self-employed and be on your way to establishing a successful business venture even employing others by starting an auto body painting business. The automotive painting business has proven to be a stable industry.


So long as human beings drive cars, lorries and trucks accidents will occur. As a result these vehicles will be damaged or disfigured and will require restoration. An auto paint shop (after panel beating) helps to reverse the effects of accidents (or aging) and restore vehicle exteriors to premium condition.

Opening an auto body paint business can be a rewarding and financially lucrative business decision you ever made; it is a profitable business ventures to set in motion your financial freedom and success.

Auto body painters are responsible for painting automobiles like cars, buses, and trucks. This might involve painting complex and elaborate designs or simply reapplying paint to cover up scratches and other damage.

Auto Body Painting: 

There are many other tasks you’ll be expected to handle before the painting of vehicles. This will involve:

  • Removing rust, dirt or debris from the surface,
  • Filling in cavities or dents to create a smooth, even surface,
  • Taping off boundaries for detail work, and
  • Selecting the correct kinds of paint and equipment.

“Setting up your “Auto Body Painting Business”

Professional auto body repair and painting takes training and expertise; Great auto painting can be challenging. So you’ll need a background in collision repair and restoration. You will need a shop, standard equipment and an inventory of basic supplies.



You will need to undergo the necessary training to equip and enable you handle auto body paint jobs effectively. The training could be in the form of apprenticeship to a veteran professional auto body painter, through vocational training or on the job training in big corporations or franchises.


Business Plan and Legal Entity:

A business plan is a necessity when starting or setting up a business venture. A business plan will assist you in knowing and projecting the following:

  • How much and how fast the business can be expected to grow.
  • Project and articulate where your finance will come from, and what the operational expenses will be.
  • Record of Initial and recurring costs, as well as a loan repayment plan level of profits that are expected each month.
  • Forecast these figures for the first three years after opening.
  • Decide on the prices your shop will charge for specific services.

A business plan will also give you anticipated customer projections to determine revenue estimates. Establish a “break-even” point. This is the point at which the business will be generating revenue, as opposed to spending money. And the time it takes to “break even” in your line of business.

You may then establish a legal entity for your company by registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC. Obtain all necessary licenses and permits. From state or local government.


This should consist of an office and waiting room, as well as at least one vehicle bay where you can perform the actual painting work. Select a location that is easily accessible and enjoys high visibility due to proximity to busy roads, close to a mechanic workshop or panel beater shop.



Find financing for your business. You may do this by soliciting bank loans, lenders or investors. For an auto paint shop, one effective way of raising the needed funds would be by entering into a partnership with an investor in which you are the general partner and he/she is the limited partner.

Purchasing the Auto Paint Equipment:

Go ahead and purchase the necessary equipment for your auto body paint shop. Always purchase high-grade auto painting equipment to avoid frequent breakdown. This equipment includes:


  • Application sprayer
  • Protective equipment
  • Paint removal equipment
  • Body repair equipment
•Auto Body Painting Business Nigeria car Application sprayer Protective equipment Paint removal equipment Body repair equipment
• Auto Body Painting Business Nigeria car Application sprayer Protective equipment Paint removal equipment Body repair equipment

Every business needs a strategy for success:

Ø   Good and reliable spare parts;

Ø   Great Advert;Ø   Very good customer relationship;

Ø   Unique approach to doing business.

Ø   Good working relationship with your staff


Design a presentation package that outlines your

  • Abilities and Special skills
  • Guarantees to be enjoyed by the customer
  • Working hours and ease of doing business with

your setup


Marketing and Advert

Connect with your prospective customers by reaching out to all vehicle owners you know in your neighborhood. Friends and families are also worthy prospects in the beginning. Advertise and tell everyone who cares to listen by radio television and print media. Print and distribute flyers that contain details of your business, tell people through about your business on social media.

Remember “Patience, Optimism and perseverance” is the key to business success.

Good Luck!

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