About Us

Nigeria heartbeat is a leading Nigerian business related website, used by a global community of professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs as a source of business/entrepreneurship ideas. It also offers a business directory to find opportunities, business and finance partners, reference information about Nigeria and all it takes to do business in Nigeria.

The Nigeria heartbeat website launched its full operation in the year 2010, though effort on creating the site started more than five years earlier. The site was initially designed primarily for advertising the activities of its mother company and as a directory to other Nigerian Businesses as it provides the names of Nigerian businesses, addresses and what they do. Over time, the site has evolved into what can be seen as an Internet publishing, research, consulting and advertising company.

We use the Internet to reach global audience/users while serving the needs of businessmen and other visitors from around the world who have businesses within Nigeria. We offer online information on Nigerian businesses such as business links, addresses, services and answers to users who have questions relating basically to business. We also offer a range of tools and marketing solutions to businesses.

Our site features a portfolio of businesses that are well known in Nigeria and which attracts visitors from around the world and creates a platform for showcasing products and services of businesses and many more advertisements that will eventually be viewed by a global audience.